Klopp’s spoken about Firmino and Alisson’s Copa America success

Speaking to Liverpool FC’s official website, Jurgen Klopp has explained his favourite thing about the LFC stars who won the Copa America over the weekend:

“I wrote them a message immediately after the game,” the boss told the official website.

“I was sent a couple of videos, voice messages and stuff like that. They had a good time.” 

“The last one I got this morning at 7.30, so they need a holiday but they deserve it of course. It’s nice, it’s really nice, to see them celebrating again when you see the pictures yesterday after the game how the whole of Brazil [celebrated]. It reminded me immediately of our little celebration four or five weeks ago!”

“It’s nice, it helps them of course. I think the last time they [Brazil] won it was 2007, they were kids. Ali, now 26, was 14 years old then, so it’s just nice. You watch the game then and they could not have imagined that they would be the next generation to win it. I’m really happy for them.”

It sounds like Firmino and Alisson partied long into the night, and why not? They were both key to Brazil’s success this summer. Winning trophies always makes players more hungry for success…let’s hope they come back from their holidays refreshed and ready to go…

Featured image by Lua Pramos – flickr

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