RMC Sport journalist claims Liverpool are waiting patiently for Pepe

In a day of mixed messages about Liverpool’s interest in Nicolas Pepe, French journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi, who works for RMC Sport, claims that LFC are one of a number of clubs waiting patiently for the Ivory Coast forward to make a decision on his future.

Bouhafsi has said that Liverpool are getting “nervous” about the silence that’s come from Pepe’s camp, who are waiting until after the African Cup of Nations before speaking to each interested team’s manager.

It could be that Liverpool are being used to drive the price up for other clubs, or it could be that they are briefing English journalists to keep their interest quiet, or it could be that we have no interest in the player at all…but there’s got to be something in these rumours hasn’t there?!

As long as he’s keeping quiet to all interesting parties, then there’s nothing too much to worry about for Liverpool fans. But the sooner we get our transfer activity sorted out this summer, the better.

Featured image by Ben Sutherland – flickr

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