Sadio Mane urged to quit Liverpool

Whilst Sadio Mane is currently leading his Senegal side in the AFCON, the head of the Senegalese FA, Saee Seck, has been speaking about Sadio’s future at Liverpool – and his comments have got Liverpool fans talking.

Speaking to The Mirror, Seck said: “Everybody in the world knows that Mane is in the top ten best footballers in the world and he has achieved significant success at Liverpool in the past season…but this is football and he won the Champions League last season and he has the chance to go to Madrid. For me I think it’s the best club in the world, even if I am a Barcelona fan I still think Real is the best and Mane should be thinking of that offer seriously. The career of a footballer is very short and sometimes you don’t get the chance a lot so if it’s there, and I think Zidane likes him, why not?”

Seck appears to suggest that Liverpool have received an offer from Real Madrid for Mane…

We aren’t worried about these comments. We’ve known that Zidane is an admirer of Sadio Mane, and has been for a while (who isn’t?), but Mane’s only recently signed a new contract, is a focal point of Klopp’s Liverpool side and has just won the Champions League…he’s not going anywhere.

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