Why Liverpool should sign a forward to win the league this season

By Ali Ashoor

Opinion: Why Liverpool should sign a forward to win the league next season.

Around a month and a half ago, Liverpool won Europe’s greatest prize. Yet, it was not the trophy the fanbase truly wanted.

The last time Liverpool won the English first division was in 1990, before it was rebranded as the premier league.

Heartaches have been felt since, which only makes the club and its fans even more desperate to win the trophy next season.

Furthermore, with Liverpool as European champions, they’re the strongest they’ve been since the Benitez days.

Still, the club has been fairly quiet in the transfer market, with only one signing. That being a 17 year old.

Sure, we know the squad is capable of many things, but does it really match up to Manchester City’s squad?

I don’t think so. City have won the league for two years in a row and gained an enormous amount of points in both. We can assume they will get 95+ points again, and while Liverpool are capable of a point tally that high, there are many barriers in the way.

The club is nearing its busiest season in a long time, with the UEFA super cup and the community shield starting the year off alongside the league.

The Club World Cup will also take effort from the squad.

Liverpool have youngsters coming through and oxlade chamberlain back in the team, but have also lost our back up left back and Daniel Sturridge. The latter scored 4 goals including a crucial late equalizer against Chelsea and another against PSG in the champions league.

It seems like the club has denied every link its had with an expensive signing, and there are reasons we wouldn’t want one:

Less opportunities for youngsters and more wage bill, as well as the fact 150+ million was spent last summer.

However, we know the owners are willing to spend, and I think we should while we can.

City have only strengthened and while I’m sure the likes of Rhian Brewster and Harry Wilson could make an impact, their level is nowhere near our starters.

Compare our back up front three to the champions. City have Jesus and Mahrez, as well as Sane occasionally sitting the bench. Liverpool have Origi and Shaqiri, then a youngster like Brewster.

This is a huge difference which I think could make or break our season.

In a few games last season, a cutting edge felt required. The ties against Everton, West Ham and Manchester United all ended in draws and that cost us the title.

If only we had one more goal, we could have lifted the trophy.

That is why I think we should sign one more forward.

Origi delivered when it mattered in the last campaign, but we have no proof whatsoever that he’ll remain consistent nor that his link up play is anywhere near as good as Firmino. Shaqiri is very good, but the coach barely played him in the second half of the season.

Now, remember this: Liverpool could possibly have around 60 games next campaign, so even our backups would play a lot.

Another forward could change our season. Let’s not forget that we were knocked out of both cups early last season so a stronger second team could not only help win the league but better our progress in different competitions.

As for who, that depends on the club and how much the coach is willing to spend.

I’d say, buy Nicholas Pépé and you have a bigger chance to win the league.

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