Liverpool should keep Harry Wilson

By Ali Ashoor

Harry Wilson had an outstanding season at Derby last year and has been in Liverpool’s academy for ages, yet before the 2019/2020 season begins there are rumors that he might leave.

I for one think we should definitely keep the youngster. He loves the club and has the drive to be a great player in the future.

Sure, 25 million for a 22 year old who has barely played for the first team would be tempting. However, we are clearly not looking to sign anyone this summer.

The welsh youngster scored 16 goals alongside 4 assists in the championship last season, showing he can be really productive. His ability on free kicks and shots from outside the box are really threatening.

His first goal of pre-season also showed his calmness in front of goal.

He can play on either side of the squad, providing good cover for our wingers.

Sure, we have brewster who has potential but he is even younger than Harry Wilson and has even less senior minutes. I don’t see how keeping Harry Wilson would harm our chances.

Most importantly though, Harry Wilson’s goals were not tap ins or goals he shouldn’t have scored. Most of them were bangers, he’s a player that would add another layer of danger from our team.

He scored 8 goals from outside the box last season, more than any other player in the top four English tiers.

This could be essential for Liverpool because of one key statistic.

Manchester City had 15 goals from outside the box last season, while Liverpool in comparison had 5. This made a difference in the title race, had Liverpool gotten one goal from outside the box say against Leicester or west ham, they would’ve won the league.

So, we should keep a youngster who has drive and potential to showcase his abilities in the premier league after a great season in the championship like James Maddison did. As well as grant us a magic kick from outside the box when we need it.

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