How Henderson solidified his role in the starting XI

By Ali Ashoor

The Liverpool skipper has been one that brought many mixed opinions over the years. Being put as captain after the legendary Steven Gerrard insured that.

The former Sunderland player joined the club around 8 years ago, and prior to last campaign his best was probably the 13/14 season.

He was full of energy then, playing everywhere in the midfield and also had an eye for goal.

We could tell how we missed him in THAT match against Chelsea, our team didn’t flow nearly as well. The next few seasons saw a change for Henderson, though. Injuries plagued him and he started to play a defensive midfielder role, which made him a constant controversial pick in the starting line-up.

He was pretty hit and miss, he had some amazing games but he was lackluster going forward. His goals tally went down considerably.

Coming into the 2018/19, it seemed certain he wouldn’t be in our starting 11 by the end of the season. However, something changed.

His role shifted to welcome Fabinho into the side, and he became more attack oriented.

Sure, he hasn’t scored many goals but you can see him every game. Making the runs, playing the forward passes.

A small moment that comes to mind was for our first goal against Chelsea last season, where he drove forward and delivered a great cross to allow Sadio to tap in.

In the first two games of this season, he has looked to continue his fiery form that he had at the end of last season.

Goals haven’t come yet but they will, he has been getting close.

He almost did against Norwich, so we shouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing him on the scoresheet more often.

Jordan Henderson went from a Captain no one was sure about to one of our most dynamic players.

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