Match Review – Liverpool vs Arsenal

By Luke Farron

Liverpool are triumphant over Arsenal beating them 3-1.

Arsenal came out with an interesting squad for this game starting Pepe instead of Lacazette giving Pepe his first Arsenal start. They also sat back and played deep making it hard for Liverpool to break through but eventually working in their favour as Liverpool were intercepting the passes.

Liverpool came out with the traditional 4-3-3 formation with Trent and Robertson who are key to assisting Liverpool’s attack at full back. Matip started instead of Gomez which turned out to be a great decision with Matip scoring the first to put the reds 1-0 up.

Today the highline was played without Gomez’s pace but there were not problems because of the highline it was mainly the threat of Pepe which Liverpool’s defence led by Van Dijk were able to handle well. There was a moment where Adrian came for the ball and tackled Van Dijk leading to a near goal from Arsenal.

Let’s talk about the goals!

For 40 minutes Liverpool looked dangerous and were pressuring but couldn’t make the most of it and weren’t able to break through Arsenal who were sitting very deep.

At 40 minutes Liverpool won a corner. Trent whipped the ball in onto Matip’s head leading to a goal. Matip was actually being pulled by the Arsenal defenders and if that wasn’t a goal, I think a penalty would have been given. Talking about penalties, at 49 minutes Salah scored a rocket penalty that was more than deserved after David Luiz pulled his shirt.

At 58 minutes Salah broke away, ran like lightning and scored from 12 yards out calmly putting it past the keeper for a marvellous goal!

For 20 minutes or so Liverpool kept pressing until around the 80 th minute when Arsenal started to pressure Liverpool more leading to a goal 5 minutes later from Torreira scoring in the 85 th minute.

My thoughts on the game:

Liverpool are off to a flying start with Liverpool winning all three games they have played in the prem plus UEFA Super Cup Champions! There is a long season ahead and so the reds need to keep working hard and grinding.

Arsenal really were beaten by the better team today. Liverpool were so clinical after that Matip header and the pressure obviously got to Arsenal.

I predicted 2-1 which isn’t too far off but with Liverpool it’s hard to predict!

All in all, a good performance from the reds today. It’s a shame we didn’t get a clean sheet but on to Burnley next week!

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