Roberto Firmino is STILL underrated

By Ali Ashoor

Our forwards have started the season in terrific form. Sadio Mane played a huge part in winning the UEFA cup and Salah excelled in the Arsenal win. However, the most impressive of all to me has been Roberto Firmino.

After an underwhelming season last year, where while he was still great most of the time he went through less apparent phases and couldn’t match up to his goal tally from the year before. He started this season better than ever.

Without even mentioning stats, you can just tell by watching the game how Firmino is the catalyst to everything our forwards did.

He controls the transition, he always drops deep and carries the ball forward with flair.

What makes him so special is the fact that he’s selfless, Firmino picks the pass if needed and finish if it’s the best choice. He keeps the team moving and almost never slows down the attack.

I was lucky to watch us win the UEFA cup in Istanbul but Firmino was the highlight of the game. The moment he came on, the game flipped on its head.

Mane might have scored the goals, but Firmino assisted them.

Every time we went forward that night, Bobby was making the best of it.

Sure, a lot of people rate the forward but I still hear people saying that Liverpool needs a real striker or that Firmino is a weak link. And I think that’s ridiculous.

People act like he can’t score goals, but that’s just not true. The man scored 27 goals just the year before last year. Sure, his goals lessened last year but it’s not like he wasn’t scoring. While having the wingers we have, it’s expected that Firmino won’t score as much to supply them. The same way Benzema was a catalyst for Ronaldo for so many years, Firmino is the best false 9 in the world.

What the forward lacks in such statistics that have no depth like goals, he makes up for with brilliant team play and incredible hard work.

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