Luis Suarez discusses weeks of pain after Liverpool defeat


Speaking to Fox Sports Radio in Argentina, as quoted by The Mirror, Luis Suarez has revealed how he and his Barcelona teammates suffered after that famous night at Anfield.

Suarez said: “It was days, weeks, that we who loved to take the kids to school, football, activities, we suffered … I did not want to leave from home after losing. It was very complicated. I really had a bad time, like most of my team-mates. We had already learned the previous year that we could have such a 3-0 result in our favour, but football has that. We knew how Anfield was going to be and how tight the stadium was, I told the teammates and everything. It is not necessary to take away merits from Liverpool , which pushed the fans. In five minutes they had two situations, at 15 minutes they already won and that enters you, it generates a nervousness. Then you see that a teammate loses the ball, another loses two more balls, and that leads you to an awkward situation until in the second half it goes out as it came out. The Champions League has that, if you go out 30 seconds relaxed, they pass you by. At the group, institutional level and as a human being this kind of defeat is suffered.”


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