Michael Owen makes sensational claim about Steven Gerrard

As you may have heard this week, Michael Owen has a new book coming out. And it’s set to cause waves around the footballing world.

Writing in ‘Rebooted’, as quoted by The Mirror, Owen revealed that Liverpool wanted to sell Steven Gerrard two years before he left the club for LA Galaxy in 2015.

Owen said: “In Steven’s case, I severely doubt whether he really wanted to go and play in the States in 2015. I’ve heard that the club wanted him out two years prior to when he actually left. I’m sure he would rather have wound his career down at Liverpool, playing increasingly fewer games until he reached a point where he could be integrated into the coaching staff. This only happened later in his case. But instead, because he’d become so symbolic and so powerful, I believe he was forced out in the short term. Steven was bigger than the club.”

No Liverpool fan wanted to see Steven Gerrard leave the club in 2015…imagine if he’d have left in 2013!

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