What do Liverpool need, if anything?

By Max Chaytor

Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Newcastle saw LFC embark on the longest run of Premier League wins the club has ever been on, with 14 wins since May. It is also joint highest in Premier League history, alongside Man City of 18/19 and 17/18, and Arsenal in 01/02. It is a staggeringly good achievement that is almost underestimated. The Man City teams are managed by one of the Greatest Coaches ever, with almost all the money you could ever wish for. Sure, their draw at home to Spurs and their shock defeat to Norwich at the weekend have been lucky, but it means that The Reds have a 5 point-lead over 2ndplaced City going into the 6th weekend of Premier League football. The point being – are Liverpool now one of the best teams in the World, if not the best? Champions League winners, only losing once in what is now 43 Premier League games – it surely confirms the former. So, what now for LFC? The simple answer is – An illustrious Premier League title. But what about 3,4,5 years?

One of the most recent stories to come out of Merseyside is the future of our manager, Jurgen Klopp. His contract with LFC runs out in 2022, and, although that maybe 3 years away, it is not long when you want to win everything with a club that has never bene in this position for nearly 30 years. Klopp – as always – doesn’t know all too much, and isn’t really that bothered. He has said that he might need ‘a break’, which to be fair to him, is probably needed. He has turned Liverpool from a mid-table mediocre sleeping giant to a UCL Winners, Premier League leaders and an all-round European Powerhouse, in less than 4 years. Incredible. It has taken a lot of work, and by 2022, he would’ve been at LFC for nearly 7 years. It’s a long amount of time to dedicate to one thing. What the fans want is for Klopp to retire with LFC, bt we just don’t know. All good things must come to an end. Whenever Jurgen does go, lets hope that Guardiola has also left the Blue side of Manchester. 

As far as players are concerned – where do LFC strengthen in the short term, if we need strengthening at all?  In terms of goalkeeping, Alisson (when he returns from injury) is one of if not the best goalkeepers in the World. Virgil van Dijk is no undoubtedly the best defender in the World. Our fullbacks, TAA and Andy Robertson, are a superb pairing who got a combined 23 assists in the Premier League last season. Perhaps Trent could improve defensively, but Klopp will definitely not be looking to strengthen in that area. As for our attackers, they are one of the best front 3’s in World Football. But the midfield is an area that you still feel is missing a truly World Class player, like Alisson, VVD, and any of our front 3. Fabinho is a superb holding defensive midfielder, and no doubt one of the best in the Premier League. But Liverpool have rued to loss of Coutinho in terms of an attacking midfielder. LFC were so close to Nabil Fekir – he had done his interview with LFCTV! But it fell through, and the Frenchman now plays for Real Betis. And, just like that, the Reds haven’t been linked with another attacking midfielder. You’d think that a name such as Paulo Dybala or even Iscowould really cement LFC’s position in Europe’s elite.

The only other position that LFC could have to strengthen in the next few years is a centre-back. Currently, Joel Matip is starting alongside VVD and is seen as better than Joe Gomez, but it won’t be long before Matip’s performance begin to drop, and van Dijk needs another World-class defender alongside. Kalidou Koulibably is one of the best alongside VVD, and other names such as Jose Gimenez also mentioned to be a long-term VVD partner. But that won’t be for another few years at least – Gomez and Matip are definitely good enough for the foreseeable future.

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